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Corporate videos represent the size and strength of your organization. They speak to your prospective clients / customers on behalf of your organization. A Corporate Profile video should inform your target audience in a precise and focused manner. It should communicate about your company’s high points in terms of turnover, profits and achievements and also, its capacity and expertise in handling the business. A Marketing video should help your company in procuring new business and expand itself.

Corporate Training videos communicate clearly and concisely the same defined message to all your work force, no matter how big or small your organization is.They can be used to impart technical training to your staff on manufacturing and business processes. They can be used to give training on soft skills, Health & Safety measures, Environmental norms, cost saving measures, etc. At the same time they can be used to inform the staff about new initiatives, new product lines, special corporate events, sharing ideas, etc.

In a wider sense, a corporate video can include any or a combination of corporate profile, corporate history, products & services, manufacturing processes, training modules, marketing strategies, motivational speeches & themes, educational workshops, internal communications & conferences, technical animations, etc.

To begin your corporate video, all you need is an idea… and we’ll take it from there. We will personally manage the entire production of your video – from building the storyboard to the post productions – to ensure a professional creation. Our production services include script writing, creative direction, lighting, camera work and editing. We also have a network of voice talents that will set the right tone for narration. To add spice to the production, we give the full post-production treatments including titles, motion graphics and special effects.

The finished video can be delivered to you as a DVD video complete with menus and chapters or as a compressed streaming video, ready to be uploaded to your corporate website.